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The heat finally broke here last night. Wind started coming in off the water around 10:30. I opened everything up and just stood there, in my underwear, George panting beside me. Pure bliss.

We all knew it was coming but we still weren’t prepared. 911 had over 200 calls on hold at one point. There were people on Facebook posting for help because no one had even considered that 911 operators would put you on hold for hours.


It got too hot, even for me. Claire’s husband got called into work, he is a fireman remember, and he never gets called last minute as he has quite a bit of seniority.

When the Vancouver firehall calls senior members to duty it is a true state of emergency. Of course they had questions:

Was there someone home to care for his children? Yes.

Had he been drinking? He lied.

Did he have a car to drive? Yes

Then they informed him that he was being paid starting at that moment of his last response and that he was to get to the Vancouver station ASAP.

They ran out of ambulances and firetrucks.

Cops started taking people to the hospitals.

Then they just started telling people to drive themselves.

27 seniors died that night of heat related...

One man drove himself to the firehall. Drove himself!

He was having a heart attack.

The fire chief was there alone, with no equipment. Nothing, no defibrillator, no oxygen, no manual pump for CPR. He did chest compressions in the parking lot. In the damn parking lot, worked on this older gent for 20 minutes.

The man died.

No coroner was available to come and get him. They were all busy too, you'd think it would be the pandemic that would bring us to our knees, but no.

So, I asked how many people Mike, Cheryl's husband, saved...She said he lost count.

I said, "well that's what he should remember then...”

Which he won't. So frustrating for them.

He said the worst thing was the see it was all men who needed to be taken care of, women were ok in the heat. Weird right? But as soon as the wives saw the firemen coming they'd put on a bathrobe! Every home, same scenario, wives putting on big fuzzy bathrobes.

Too hot!!!

Mike kept sending wives to their bedrooms all night so that he didn't have to come back to get them, had to tell them so. Take off the damned robe and go to your bedroom.

Firemen ran out of cold packs, as you can imagine. They resorted to taking food out of freezers to put on people to cool them down.

Lots of seniors would rather pass out from the heat than waste a bag of frozen peas.

So what happened to the guy the fire chief tried to save? He put a tarp over his body and left him in the parking lot of the firehall, hoping no one would walk past and notice.

you can't move a body; it is against the law.

Can you believe it?

Anyhow, I know that wasn't very uplifting but I just liked getting it out of my head.

I had the blinds closed for days, sheets hanging over the blinds. Foil and a blanket over the front door - glass. I could not go upstairs. The banister was eerily hot and floor felt hot like summer beach sand under my feet. Air so hot in my lungs up there it made me lightheaded.

I brushed my teeth downstairs in the kitchen sink. I've never experienced something like that before. Sounds very first world to complain about having to change my toothbrushing location, I know.

Talk Soon,

Love Lumin

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